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How a modeling photography job works

Modeling photography job opportunity: Art modeling

What we do

Modeling with Aaron begins with a photography shoot. Modeling photography job opportunities exist as the genesis of the photographer’s creation process. Aaron primarily uses a Nikon digital camera, he occasionally uses a Phase One/Mamiya medium format camera, or a Hasselblad medium format camera to shoot 120 black & white film. The primary product of this modeling studio is printed photographs, for sale to collectors of limited edition photographs and photo book collectors. Additional media can be produced, including traditional paintings like watercolor or oil painting.

What we’re looking for

A positive attitude and friendly personality are a must. Your spirit comes through on camera and communicates visual with the viewer. In addition to a warm personality, figure models should be comfortable with the idea of posing in various positions or postures, for a variety of themes. Warm-up sessions begin with fashion outfits, after which you will be posing nude for the photographer.

Some figure models may work with the photographer on a long-term basis, while others may book gigs on a more casual basis. Figure modeling can be a rewarding and creative career for those who are interested in creativity and enjoy being involved with visual media.

To be selected as a model, first check out what we are looking for in a model. You’ll also want to look at examples of the photography. Then complete an application to be a model. Applying does not guarantee a photo shoot, of course, and an interview is required. The initial meeting between photographer and model will occur at a public location, convenient to both parties, such as a coffee shop. At this stage, you will learn more about the photography, the aesthetic, and the photography creation process.

Before you arrive

Make sure to keep us up to date on your schedule. If you’re running late or need to reschedule, that is usually okay. If you have any questions about how to get ready for your modeling job, get in touch too!

What to expect during a shoot

When you arrive at the studio in Charleston, you’ll have time to decompress from your commute, choose a beverage from the model’s fridge, and apply any final touchups to your makeup and hair in your private green room.

Your first photographs will be with your clothes on, using one of the outfits you brought, or an outfit that we supply.

During a photoshoot, the model will receive coaching and feedback. This is especially important if the model has never participated in an art modeling photoshoot before. Even if the model is very experienced, a guided approach is preferable to produce the specific vision of the photographer. We want you to maintain a high energy level and positive spark throughout the session, this will come through in your expressions and body language.

We typically don’t need you to freeze when you pose. You can flow and move. You may be climbing a rope, doing yoga, or other activity, even swimming.

Models are paid immediately following the photoshoot. The modeling photography job concludes with a model release. You can be paid through Venmo, PayPal, or other apps.

How the photos are used

In the months after a photoshoot, the photographs are converted into either digital artwork, or in some cases, a painting or drawing. The process of producing a finished state can take a significant amount of time working in Photoshop or traditional media like paint. Film photographs are developed and printed in a darkroom, which requires additional time. Limited edition photography is marketed as limited editions through international dealers such as SaatchiArt and Zatista.

Booking multiple modeling photography jobs

The photographer may take weeks or months to process the best images from a shoot into a final physical print. During this time, the model and the photographer have the opportunity to conduct more photoshoots in order to build a body of work over multiple modeling photography jobs. Through repetition, there is a greater likelihood of improving the quality of the results. As with any job, your first day of figure modeling doesn’t have to define what your ultimate achievement in the field of modeling will be.