Photo Model Casting

9 Body types we're looking for

We're hiring models for figure photography. Beyond just being a pretty face, you need the right body and personality to model for us. We work with a lot of different body types. Questions we get a lot include: What body types are you looking for? Do I need abs to be a model? and How tall do I have to be to get hired as a model?

If you have a beautiful body that falls into one of the following categories, with the face to match, please get in touch or apply to become a photo model. These are paid gigs, where both experienced and new models earn money doing what they love in front of the camera. Of course we can't cover every possible body type that we might be interested in for figure modeling jobs.

athletic model body

Athletic model body

Lean muscle makes the athletic model body stand out. Dancers and fitness enthusiasts can all be considered candidates for art modeling. Although a competition bodybuilder is typically too muscular for our shoots, we have worked with many fitness models who compete in bikini divisions of contests. The athletic model body's toned muscles and strong physique can portray a variety of flexible poses and a healthy appearance. So if you love the gym, we'll probably love your body's look.

gymnast model body

Gymnast body

Compact and fit, the gymnast body is dynamic and feminine. Gymnasts can be considered candidates for art modeling. With a strong core and limbs, the gymnast has the skills and physique to portray a variety of active poses and a fit appearance. The agility and flexibility of the gymnast or cheerleader is able to convey a variety of moods and poses in front of the camera. With this body type, fit and health proportions are more important than a specific height.

fashion model body

Runway model body

Tall and slender models are a suited to art modeling as they are for the fashion runway. Many of the models appearing on this site have modeled for Charleston Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, and Charlotte Fashion Week, as well as a number of other other commercial jobs in the fashion industry. Runway models are tall, typically between 5'8" and 6'0" with a slender physique. They can be busty or less well endowed. This is the body type of commercial runway modeling that may come to mind when you think of fashion shows and magazines. Of course we work with many models who are not standard for commercial or fashion modeling.

Petite model body

Petite model body

Around 5'4" (give or take two inches) and proportioned appropriately. This smaller frame and slim build, with well-proportioned features, can bring an extremely feminine flair to art modeling jobs.


V-shaped model body

Characterized by a larger bust and trim hips, this body type is ideal for art modeling. Tall slender models who are more busty than a typical runway fashion model often find themselves doing lingerie and swimwear modeling. Athletic yet feminine, those with a Victoria's Secret model body are encouraged to apply for art modeling jobs.

playboy pinup model body

Pinup model body

The quintessential pinup body type appeared in the pages of magazines since the days of Marilyn Monroe. Curvacious, feminine, healthy, and fit pinup model can create alluring art images. A well-proportioned natural body combined with soft facial features and beautiful hair is desirable.

Hourglass model body

The hourglass model mody typically a small waistline with a large bust measurements. This body type is often considered classic and versatile for a variety of art modeling themes.


Slender model body

A toned and lean, a slender model can create a variety of art modeling poses. The defined facial features that accompany a slender body can include attractive cheekbones, a lean jawline, and a slender neck.