Information for New Models

Information for New Models

Phone Interview

  • We may do a phone interview to cover some basics
  • We’ll discuss where you’re working now and what you’re looking for

Just Booked an Interview

  • The interview will be a public place, like a coffee shop or restaurant
  • Allow enough time for traffic
  • Dress casually with clothes that don’t hide your body type
  • Wear your normal makeup/hair to the interview

Just Booked a Shoot

  • Make sure to read the get ready guide
  • Make sure you have the time, date, and address for your shoot
  • Don’t do a workout before your shoot
  • Avoid sun exposure and use sunscreen to reduce tan lines and avoid burns
  • Know your preferred payment method; you’ll be paid right after the shoot
  • If you’re running late, please update us asap. Be safe and don’t text while driving

Already Done a Shoot

Copies of Photos

If we did any clothed/fashion shots for your portfolio, expect to get some of the best ones within a few days. Please note that we don’t make nude photos available until they are ready to be published and only the very best images will be used for limited edition photography or monographs (collectable photobooks).

Choosing a Charity

The photographer periodically donates to charity, with his earnings from collector sales, based on choices made by the models. His donations do not come out of your pay but do go to the charity of your choice. Choose your cause from the top-rated charities listed below. Feel free to suggest a different top-rated charity.

Be Fearless

Go after your goals. Don’t worry about failure, just do it. Choose goals that are right, healthy, and ethical and don’t let anything or anyone stand in your way.