The Photographer

Hi! I’m art photographer Aaron Knight from Charleston, South Carolina. With 15+ years of experience with over 600 models, I strive to create a working process that is both productive and creative. I have a bachelor’s degree in art (B.A. from Fort Lewis College in Durango Colorado) and an MBA from the Citadel here in Charleston.

I photograph models for art primarily in Charleston, South Carolina. I also travel to various other locations around the United States to conduct modeling shoots. Many of the models are not professionals or full time. I hire experienced freelance models, as well as women who are newer to modeleding. Some work with me to build a modeling portfolio, while others are looking for an exciting new experience. All photo shoots are paying modeling gigs.

Building work connections is a process. I prefer to meet prospective models in a public setting for an interview rather than rush into a photo shoot. Check out what past models have to say.