Art modeling jobs come in numerous variations and themes. The theme could be with automobiles, or something athletic. You might be modeling solo, or there could be other models. But there are some common things you can expect at your art modeling job regardless of the theme.

  1. We’ll have discussed some theme ideas or other general details. For example if we’re working with water, or if there will be other models present, we will have discussed this ahead of time. The fewer surprises there are the more comfortable you’re likely to be and the better you can focus on the shoot.
  2. You’ll have time at the beginning of the shoot to do any touch-ups of your makeup and hair, and hydrate before the shoot. If we’re in the Charleston home studio, you’ll have the green room.
  3. Your first shots will be clothed, so bring a couple of outfits.
  4. We’ll have a book of posing examples for you to look at, and choose some poses that you like. You will also receive pointers on where to look, what to do with your eyes, hands, legs, as well as angles for your head/face.
  5. You don’t need to freeze in each pose, you can let your body flow between positions such as twisting, yoga, or stretching.
  6. If any pose is strenuous or uncomfortable you can take a break or we can switch to something else.
  7. After we finish your art modeling job, we’ll do a model release, and you’ll be paid via app of your choice (Venmo, PayPal, etc.)