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Here is a look inside the studio and other locations where photoshoots occur, as well as resources available to models.

Home Studio: Charleston

Many models start out by working in the photo studio in Charleston. A calm, productive environment is ideal for your introduction to creative modeling with Aaron Knight Studio. In the studio, we can get predictable results, free from outside distraction or extra challenges. You’ll have the comforts of a temperature-controlled environment with plenty of space for yourself and friend should you desire to bring one.

Photo shoot are also conducted in various rented studio spaces around Charleston, based on the project. For example, if the photography project features models posed with cars, we will use a multi-bay auto garage or a similar space that is able to accomodate the vehicles. We have also done shoots at old Navy base buildings and trolly cars.

Model’s Room

The model’s room in Charleston is where you can get ready or take breaks. There is a makeup counter with a mirror, desk, and chair. There is a private bathroom for models. If you are modeling for a photo shoot somewhere other than the Charleston studio, we’ll make sure there is sufficient space for the model to get ready and somewhere to secure your belongings. The green room at the home studio has a number of basic amenities, such as a mini-fridge where you can choose water, other hydrating beverag, coffee, or energy drinks. Check out the green room.

Model getting ready for photo shoot


This waterfall is on site in Charleston, it is fitted for lighting and outdoors on private property. Being waterproof and fireproof, it offers a variety of photo shoot possibilities beyond falling water.

photo shoot

Modeling Shoot Cities

Some cities (and countries) where model’s have been photographed include: Miami Florida, Los Angeles California, New York City, The Bahamas, Canada, San Francisco, Charleston South Carolina, Nevada, Utah, and Texas. Aaron Knight Studio travels regularly and hires local models in advance. If you’re not able to schedule a shoot right away, you still may be able to meet the photographer for an interview and schedule a shoot the next time he is in your location.

Unique Location Examples