How a modeling photography job works

Aaron Knight's hires models to do photo shoots. Modeling photography job opportunity: Art modeling
An assistant and a paid model working at a private location

Why we hire models

Aaron Knight's hires models to do photo shoots. His main product is short-run printed photographs, for sale to collectors. These are exclusively limited edition photographs and photo books for collectors, no mass marketing. Photographs and photo books are produced to the highest quality standards from only the best images,

Aaron primarily uses digital cameras, and occasionally black & white film. Aaron also produces watercolors, oil paintings, and drawings—using his photography as a basis. He also makes short-run collectable photo books and traditional paintings such as oils and watercolor.

Who gets hired to model

A positive attitude and friendly personality are a must. Your spirit comes through on camera and communicates visually with the viewer. In addition to a warm personality, figure models should be comfortable with the idea of posing in various positions or postures, for a variety of themes. Warm-up sessions begin with fashion outfits, after which you will be posing nude for the photographer.

Of course, the photographer is seeking attractive women. However, many of them do not consider themselves models. See more about the body types of models he hires.

We also love collaborating with experienced models. About one in five of the models we work with are full time professional models with a lot of experience. Just get in touch with your portfolio (up to date digitals is usually all we need to see.) Please do not send nudes, just your industry standard digitals are all you need. We will get back to you quickly to let you know if I have any projects that are a good fit for you.

Can anyone be a photo model?

Check out what the photographer is looking for in a model. Our figure models run a wide range of body types. Although we are looking for some very specific things, such as a flat stomach, and a well-proportioned body, we do work with a wide range of attractive women.

Modeling jobs in Charleston South Carolina

How much can you earn modeling?

Get in touch and the photographer will tell you current rates. All models receive competitive pay and are paid electronically the same day as the shoot. The photographer pays all of his models the full rate. There is no TFP or trades. There are no deductions from pay based on results or performance. If you put in the hours in front of the camera, you will be paid. A lot of new models have learned to model while they were getting paid to do it.

Some figure models may work with the photographer on a long-term basis, working multiple days per week. Others may book gigs on a more casual basis. Either way, you set your own hours and determine how much you earn. Figure modeling can be a rewarding and creative career for those who are interested in the creative process and enjoy being involved with visual media.

New model application process

To be selected as a model, first check out examples of the photography. Then complete a model application. You’ll need to send some selfies along with your application.

If it is determined that you may be a good fit for an upcoming shoot, you will be contacted (generally within a week) to schedule a brief interview with the photographer. We'll conduct your interview somewhere informal, such as a coffee shop. At this meeting we'll confirm your appearance and discuss how a modeling shoot works. It helps to be on time for your interview. We can also do a Zoom call or voice call in some cases.

After you book a modeling shoot

Before your photo shoot, make sure to keep us up to date on your schedule. If you’re running late or need to reschedule, that is usually okay! If you have any questions about how to get ready for your modeling job, get in touch too!

What to expect during a shoot

When you arrive at the studio in Charleston, you’ll have time to decompress from your commute, choose a beverage from the model’s fridge, and apply any final touch ups to your makeup and hair in your private green room.

Model getting ready for photo shoot
Get ready in your private green room.

You can bring the same friend to the photo shoot as you brought to the interview.

Bring several outfits to model in. Your first photographs will be with your clothes on, using one of the outfits you brought, or an outfit that we supply. We’ll move at a steady pace, and you get to set your comfort level with what you wear. You can also start out wrapped in fabric or posed with your back to the camera.

During a photoshoot, the model will receive coaching and feedback. This is especially important if the model has never participated in a figure modeling photoshoot before. Even if the model is very experienced, a guided approach is preferable to produce the specific vision of the photographer. We want you to maintain a high energy level and positive spark throughout the session, this will come through in your expressions and body language.

You typically don’t need to freeze when you pose. You can flow and move. You may be climbing a rope, doing yoga, or other activity, even swimming.
Models are paid immediately following the photoshoot. The modeling photography job concludes with a model release. You will be paid through your choice of Venmo, PayPal, etc. (or cash by special arrangement.)

How the photos are used

In the months after a photoshoot, the best photographs are converted into either printed editions, or in some cases, a painting or drawing. The process of producing a finished state can take a significant amount of time working in Photoshop or traditional media like paint. Film photographs are developed and printed in a darkroom, which requires additional time. Original photography is marketed as limited editions through international dealers such as SaatchiArt and Zatista.

Booking multiple modeling photography jobs

Many models will do multiple photo shoots. The process of finding the best images from a series of shoots is an ongoing process, before creating a final physical print. By doing repeated shoots, the model and the photographer have the opportunity to build a body of work before finalizing or publishing anything. For these reasons, it is possible that publication of images may only occur after you've been modeling for a long while.

As with any job, your first day of figure modeling doesn’t have to define what your ultimate achievement in the field of modeling will be. You get to earn while you learn to model. Both the model and photographer benefit from delaying publication until we've achieved top results.

Don't be intimidated to apply! The photographer is just a regular person and so are the women who model for him. If there are projects that are a good fit for your look, you'll be offered a modeling job.