Modeling Photography Portfolio

As a photographer, I am dedicated to capturing the beauty and grace of the human form through stunning and evocative models. This portfolio of model shoots features some of the women that have posed in the studio, on location, or on the road. Seasonal modeling employment opportunities are available, typically part time.

What gets used is only the best 1% of the photographer’s work over several years. A lot of effort, including lighting, camera angles, Photoshop, and other post-processing go into making the models look their best. It’s not uncommon to wonder if you will measure up to what you see here. So also check out some of the un-edited and behind-the-scenes photos.

Behind the scenes

Warmup Outfits

Even if you’re an experienced model, it’s a great idea to bring at least a couple of outfits to warm up in. We’ll start shooting while you’re clothed. This is a comfortable way to get acquainted and ease into shooting.