Model’s commentary on Aaron Knight Studio art photography

Models talk about what it is like to do a photo shoot. To help future models know what to expect and prepare for a photo shoot, each model has the opportunity to record her thoughts about their art modeling shoots. Here are a few video commentaries, testimonials, reviews, recommendations, and words of advice from models who have worked with Aaron Knight Studio.

Compilation: multiple models speak

Hey, I just met Aaron Knight today. We did a photo shoot. I just got done working with Aaron Knight. I just did a shot with Aaron. I just shot with Aaron, my first nude shoot.

I was a beginner never done anything like this. I never done a new photo shoot before I never done a nude shoot. I used to my very first professional photo shoot. It was my first time shooting nude. It was my first photo shoot ever.

This is like 7th or 8th shoot that I’ve done a couple modeling things before… but this is my first time doing actually fully nude before it was extremely comfortable. It was fun.

Have to say this is a great experience. I feel good! Today was an amazing experience. It’s really fun. You’re gonna enjoy yourself. I’ve really enjoyed the results, I can’t wait to see. Hard physically, but really rewarding. He was very professional. Aaron walked me through each step made me feel confident. Go as slow you need to, if anything’s out of your comfort zone. Let me know.

I knew what to expect but still since I had never done it before it was a little nervous. This was probably one of the easiest and the best hoots I’ve had. I’ve worked with a lot of photographers. The first time I saw your photos I was very intrigued. Found him on Instagram.

So that’s what’s really neat. So I Googled you and I was like, wow! I felt very adventurous and felt like I was very fun opportunity. Just to try something new and artistic.

Being able to take my body and express it through the photographer’s eyes of the artist’s eyes. So I kind of did this just for fun and to kind of get out of my comfort zone. I just kinda wanted to check something off the bucket list and make some money while I was at it.

I love my body. I’m proud of myself. Conducted the shoot very professional I must say. I feel like if you really want to get into modeling, I feel like you should go for it. It’s been fun, creative, and different every time.

It’s definitely an experience with taking.

Beca’s art modeling journey

Hey, this is Becca. I just did my first shoot. Hey, I’m back for my second shoot. This is like the seventh or eighth shoot that I’ve done so far. We’ve done a couple out outdoor ones, but mostly indoor ones and we’ve traveled to a lot of different places.

We went to Florida and did like swimming pool shoots and underwater shoots. We go to the beach sometimes. The shoot at the nature preserve was interesting. It was something new and different. If we take a road trip, I would like to stop in New Orleans cause I’ve never been there.

We hit Utah and then go into Arizona just to see all the like national parks and canyons and stuff.

We’re in Zion National Park. We came here to do some pretty cool shots of some unique landscapes. I liked the arch, the natural bridge that was hollowed underneath. I like the sunsets against all the cliffs. It’s really beautiful.

Yesterday we went up these really steep cliffs on the road and the view from up there was really nice.

We DM’ed for a little bit about meeting up and the modeling process and then we met at a coffee shop and I looked at some of his photos and saw what it was about.

Before I was just waitressing and I saw that this paid a lot more than my waitressing job. I guess it’s, it’s not easy, but it’s kind of easy, you know, it’s not like super hard.

I think I saw an ad on Instagram and it went really well. It was fun!

Buni: Art Model talks about working with Aaron Knight Studio.

Well for anyone who wants to do this, but I would definitely say to love your body and, and know that no matter what, you’re taking pictures of something natural and beautiful and to just not think about it too much. And just to go and just to be proud of yourself and to just feel comfortable in it. If it’s something that you’re curious about, I would say to try it.

So if you have the thought of it, the idea of it, you should probably at least try it, you know, on time. See how you like it.

You just have to like, I don’t know, maybe build another level of maturity as a human, not even just as a person. Just like, you know, as a human being. Just understand that that’s the reason why I really wanted to do this, is to really promote that idea and to really like, make people understand that.

Yes, very happy! Very much fun!

What do I wanna try next? This was the last thing I thought I was gonna try with modeling and it was the first, so, you know, try next. I don’t know, but I’m not sure. Definitely something in nature, I think.

Brooke: First Shoot With Aaron Knight Studio

Hey, so I just did a shoot and it, went really well. One thing that I think you should definitely do is stretch. So just take five minutes out of your day before the shoot. Stretch your legs, stretch your arms, because some of the positions are a little strenuous.

So you’re definitely gonna wanna make sure that you get a good stretch. Other than that, it’s really fun. You’re gonna enjoy yourself. And he’s a great guy to work with.

But this was my first time doing actually fully nude, so it did take a little bit for me to warm up to the camera. When you’re going to be nude, you’re probably, unless you’ve done this a few times, you’re going to be nervous. And that’s normal and you’ll get over it. But like, don’t psych yourself out.

Yeah. So, I’m actually not a model. I’m a student and I just play soccer, so I kind of did this just for fun and to get out of my comfort zone. I had no really prior experience. This was very, very professional!

I don’t think I’ve ever worked on a set with like the whole lighting thing. So yeah, it was very professional. So the hardest thing about today was probably not trying to think about the camera and the person behind the camera, and just kind of focusing on what I was doing and trying to be natural.

I liked, I don’t know why, I liked the couch a lot. So I would say the funnest thing that we did today was actually just poses on the couch. I got to do some fun poses and I enjoyed it.

So I’m actually planning on coming back tomorrow to do another half day of shooting, so I’m super excited for that.

Sonya: Experienced Model, first shoot with Aaron

Hey, Hi. My name is Sonya. I have to say this was a great experience. I was very comfortable with everything.

What I liked most was when I needed help with something or if I needed some direction or I was doing the same thing over and over, he would suggest something or I should move my hairs to the left, or I should move my leg this way, or I should move my hand this way. He would direct me and that was very good. It helped me with everything.

He was very professional. He was very… he made me feel comfortable the entire time. He gave me great direction. He really helped me posing wise. He helped me with my facial expressions. He helped me with body language. He helped me with very creative ideas.

If you have never done nudes before, the thing I will tell you is you have to love your body enough to where you can show someone that, look, I love myself. I love my body.

I’m proud of myself. I can show you that I’m not ashamed of it. I feel like if you really want to get into modeling, I feel like you should go for it.

I feel like you can do anything that you feel like you will like to do. You really never know to your try. It was after speaking with him on the phone, he sounded very professional and I was comfortable from the point where I answered the phone. He had a great greeting. He carried on the conversation well. He was very great.

I’ve been modeling long enough to know where someone is professional and he was very professional. I learned a lot and over all I enjoyed this shoot.

Abby: Describes her modeling shoot

It was definitely a great experience, especially for a first time model. I had a lot of fun! I learned a lot of good things, and I hope to be back again soon.

One thing I wish I had known is that it’s actually not as scary as it comes off to be, like being nude in front of a photographer. This, this is my very first shoot in my modeling career. Yes, when I first walked in the door, I felt welcomed. However, I was a little bit nervous, obviously. But never uncomfortable or uneasy.

Almost as soon as we started shooting, I wasn’t really nervous anymore.

He assured me that even though it is my first time, that, yes, there’s different things to be pointed out, but it’s things that I could learn from and I was never intimidated.

The most fun today, was getting to use food props. I thought that was a fun element. Definitely can be a little bit challenging. But I liked it. Thought it was fun.

The hardest part was trying to perfect myself, when really I just need to be present and fluid instead of trying to always be perfect and just break out of a habit of just being in a pose. I put, not like, just a couple days, I’ve just put a, as soon as I applied, I like, well, I mean, I thought about it before I applied obviously, but then after I applied, I like really thought about it before I got to this point, and I was like, ‘is this actually really what I want to do?’

Then taking into consideration other people, like, what are they gonna think about what I’m doing? And then I was like, honestly, the whole point of this is to just be creative, explore art, explore myself and see where that takes me.

Usually I’m pretty independent. Yeah. I’m a ‘if I say I’m gonna do something’ type of person, then I’ll actually do it. So I always try to live up to that for myself. So I put that pressure on myself. It’s like this, I was like, I applied, so I wanna do it.

Krista: First modeling shoot

My reasons for doing this was to boost my confidence and to be a part of art. I’ve always had an interest in art and to finally be like behind the scenes making it versus just observing is pretty cool.

I was really nervous and he was able to talk me through it. Just adding some confidence along the way and, you know, just being comfortable in something I haven’t done before.

I was probably nervous mostly about being in front of a camera and just being photographed. Most fun I had today was probably hanging upside down in the rings, just abstract and cool.

The hardest thing about today was just being comfortable, not knowing what was going on and what I was doing and just learning as I go. Started having fun, like, I don’t know, whenever like the rings came out or like props, it added it a little more calming than just like straight on camera.

I kind of watched your interviews beforehand, so I got like some concept, but I dunno. I came in here with an open mind and didn’t really have any expectations coming in, which I think made it a lot easier.

The opportunity just fell in my lap and I didn’t wanna waste it.

Hope talks about multiple modeling shoots

My name is Hope. I’m from Asheville, North Carolina. I’m 20 years old. I’m a fine arts major, visual arts. I’ve done four shoots that were nude.

Anything that’s a new experience is something that you can be nervous about.

The photographer, talking about Aaron, you know, the first time that, we met, we met in a very public area. I mean, I think… when you first meet someone, you can kind of, I mean, this is a judge of character. I was most excited about this shoot and working with you is that you were very charismatic about your work.

I thought that Aaron was friendly and what made me wanna work with you. And there’s a difference in working for someone who does this as a career, you know, and really it’s devoted to it.

Women are always nervous about what they look like, even if they’re not in front of a camera. Sort of a thought that it goes through your mind every day, but especially goes through your mind when you’re in front of a camera.

I like the shots it was definitely fun. Playing with the white cloth and being out on the beach is definitely cool. Yeah, it’s been a good shoot. I’ve definitely liked, been some, a different day.

Positioning myself in the vehicle in a way that looked nice. I mean, you think there’s a whole lot of room in there, but unless you’re sitting in a car the way you’re supposed to sit in it, there’s not a whole lot of extra. Not super difficult, but it definitely took some attention to figure out where I could put my leg and be comfortable enough to actually get the shot in.

Meeting with you that first time. And you saying, this is what I do. If you still, you know, if you, if you wanna do it, you know, then great. You know, we’ll schedule something. If you don’t, then okay. And then, we got coffee and from there, I mean, it was definitely from that first shoot, you know, getting to the first shoot and just having that little bit of background on you.

I just did a shot with Aaron. I had never done a nude photo shoot before and it went really great. He made me feel really comfortable. I found Aaron by email. I decided to work with Aaron because I saw his listing and I emailed him and from the very start, he he got back to me and it seemed very professional and casual, and it just seemed like an overall good experience. By his reply to email it seemed like, you know, it was very legitimate.

He made me feel really comfortable. It went really great and it was like a gradual process; a process that made me feel comfortable.

If you’re interested, I encourage you to, I encourage you to try it.

Echo: First of many shoots

My first nude shoot, it was extremely comfortable. It was fun. I was like, ‘well that sounds really neat.’ So I Googled you and I was like, wow!

So I was like, okay, well maybe like that would be something interesting to try. My favorite part of this shoot was like, all of it was really fun!

I really liked the rings and the ropes were cool, being able to swing around. And so it was cool to get to play around with all of ’em and see the way that my body could like move and show in different styles. I didn’t know that that was possible.

Pretend like you’re not there. [I] just do what I want, just roll around and move in my own way. Being able to take my body and express it through the photographer’s eyes or the artist’s eyes and being able… Them being able to choose me and use me to do that, I think is just the coolest thing.

I saw your pictures and the way that you present the body as an art.

I’m quite ambitious. I kind of, if I want something, I’m gonna go and get it. Very simple. I don’t, I wouldn’t consider myself a center of attention. I would consider myself a muse for an artist. If you’re not nervous, then you’re doing wrong or you’re just really confident and bless you. ‘Cause I was nervous.

This was probably one of the easiest and the best shoots I’ve had ever. I’ve, I’ve worked with a lot of photographers.

Courtney: First modeling experience

Courtney transcript

I just kind of wanted to check something off the bucket list and make a little money while I was at it, and I’m glad I did.

I found him on Instagram. It was really great!

I’m not a model and I’ve never modeled before and he made me feel really comfortable and it was a really great experience. As time went by, it started to get more fun.

It is tiring. I was out in the sun all day, so definitely bring [water] Stay hydrated and get hydrated before you shoot. Yeah, just come with an open mind also.

Yes, I would definitely do it again! Yeah! If you’re thinking about it, go for it. You won’t regret it.

Anya: First professional photo shoot

Anya video transcript

It was challenging, yet inspirational. He gave me some photos to look at and those really helped me, especially for being a first timer doing one of these things.

Learning how to pose my body in ways I hadn’t posed before, he also helped me with that. Overall, a great experience and I learned so much from it! He gave me good tips and pointers.

The most fun was definitely hanging from the ceiling. That’s something that I’d never done before. I wish I’d known to get my nails done. My grandma has been my photographer for many years, so I’ve always loved being in front of the camera.  So I guess really from the early childhood.

I was worried about making an impression, or making me come off more professional than I think I am. Because I feel like I’m young and a little bit inexperienced. I 100% believe in the importance of art. Art can be found in anything that you look at.

I do consider nude modeling to be a confidence builder. Definitely next time we have a photo shoot, I would definitely want to be outside in nature.

If you really wanna do it, go for it. It’s worth it. I haven’t felt uncomfortable this entire time.

Through Instagram, he did a sponsored ad and I saw a few comments underneath it and I was like, you know what, why not go ahead and sign up?

Summer: First photo shoot

Summer video transcript

Oh man, I did this for lots of reasons. One, I was really curious if I could do it, and two, I thought it was really good for like a self-confidence booster. So I would recommend trying something like this for everyone, because it is a really big self-confidence booster. So it was fun to be able to show off being athletic while doing something that felt like more girly, more fun.

The most surprising thing about today was just how comfortable I felt and how it was really easy to move from having clothes and then to kind of moving into other poses really naturally. The most difficult thing today was being upside down, but that was my choice.

So I, I decided I wanted to do that. And it was really fun. So, one thing I think I wish I knew before coming was just thinking about the use of props. That wasn’t something I expected. So that was a good challenge and ended up being really fun.

I think like even if you think you’re too shy or too self-conscious or something, just give it a shot [because] you never know how it will feel for you and then how it will turn out.

Charity: first professional modeling shoot

Charity video transcript

And I did my first nude shoot today and it was great. I had a lot of fun and I actually learned quite a bit.
He’s very knowledgeable and I feel like he was able to instruct me really well. I feel like I learned a lot and I actually had a lot of fun too. I got really comfortable with the camera. This is my first nude shoot and I first thought about it when I actually saw some of his work. I guess I was kind of curious about it, but when I first saw his work is when I started thinking about actually posing nude.

The most fun thing I would say would’ve been, hanging from the chains.

The hardest thing today was just keeping my strength up because it was a lot of, pulling yourself and lifting yourself and things like that, but it was fun. You don’t work too hard, but you work to get a good result and that I appreciate, pretty much my nerves just dealing with ‘what about this flaw’ or how do I feel about how I look Just, nude in general? And you have to be… you have to get comfortable with yourself before you can be comfortable with someone else. I first thought about modeling when I started doing pageants and things like that.

Exercise, I like to run quite a bit. And, I really like to be in water, which is always a good exercise, pretty aerobic. I wasn’t sure set on anything I wanted to do in the future, but I do know I wanna continue to explore into modeling.

Jorgie: Experienced model

Jorgie video transcript

It was amazing. We had plenty of beautiful props,
lovely unfinished chairs,
and it’s going to be a very interesting product that you see.
So keep your eyes peeled ’cause we’re coming!

So we’re shooting today for the Square Nudes project.
We did use this window here behind me. Turned out incredibly!
It was quite the challenge and that’s what art is about. A beautiful challenge.
The thing I enjoyed most about this shoot was his vision of things. All good things. No worries!

You’re going to love the product that we’ve created. I had tons of fun.
It was one of my favorite shoots of the year. I can say that.
It pushed me past my limits. What’s, what creating is about.

Ava discusses multiple modeling shoots

The funnest part about shooting with you was kind of learning a rhythm.

And I guess with any photographer you get to know how they work and get in the swing of things

He’s very intuitive and we kind of just picked up a rhythm with each other, with the shooting and the posing.

Nude modeling is more challenging than you would think, especially if you’re doing it outdoors or in an area that’s difficult to balance or move or pose or get the right light.

If you really listen during a shoot, that’s when you learn the most, and learn how to affect your posing and make it better.

And this is gonna be my fourth shoot today and I’m really looking forward to it.

We’ve done several shoots outdoors and so I’m excited to do that again.

Two days ago was our first indoor shoot and that was really exciting.

I got to be up on a real fancy dining room table and do a lot of different really stretched out poses there.

That was fun. Today we shot at,one of the historic homes in Eureka Springs.

Oh gosh. Oh, that house is beautiful. I was ready to move right in after the shoot was over.

Shooting in the gallery was cool because I felt like I was one of the art pieces.

God, yeah. Today was the fifth shoot.

Oh yes! I love anything that’s a huge thrill, that gets my energy going, gets the blood pumping, gets the shoot into full swing. That’s when the really good pictures come out.

Well, my goal with future projects is just to work really hard and bring something new to the table each time. Try to make it different with every shoot. We went hiking down in the Ozark National Forest, found some beautiful waterfalls.

It was really cool, just looking for a good place to shoot and it was a lot of fun kind of feeling liberated again and getting comfortable with the camera and finding some poses that I had worked on the last time.

And I think that’s it. Yeah. Yeah, I’d be happy to work with you again. I’ve really enjoyed the results. I can’t wait to see the book, come out and do more projects together.

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