photography studio Charleston SC

Hi! I photograph nude models primarily in Charleston, South Carolina. I also travel to various other locations around the United States to conduct modeling shoots.

I’m Charleston, South Carolina photographer Aaron Knight. With 15+ years of experience with over 600 models, I strive to create a working process that is both productive and creative. I have a bachelor’s degree in art (B.A. from Fort Lewis College in Durango Colorado) and an MBA from the Citadel here in Charleston.

Many of the models are not professionals or full time. I hire experienced freelance models, as well as women who are newer to modeling. Some work with me to build a modeling portfolio, while others are looking for an exciting new experience. All photo shoots are paying modeling gigs.

Building work connections is a process. I prefer to meet prospective models for a no-pressure interview rather than rush into a photo shoot. I am a regular person and very approachable. Don’t be afraid to reach out. The worst that can happen is that I say, “no.” Let’s get to know each other and do some great work together! Check out what past models have to say.

Note: There are multiple photographers (and other people) around the country (and the world) with the same name as me. So take care not to confuse our work with one another. For the record, I am six-foot three with a slim build, usually clean-shaven. Anyone not matching this description is not me!

Charleston photographer hiring models.