Questions and answers about art modeling

Model Q&A

If you just model for one photo shoot, I may finish the artworks a few weeks after. However, it can take longer, especially if we do many shoots. I usually wait to build up more work before publishing. I’ve had models request to continue modeling until they’re done with college and wait to publish anything. The goal is to only publish our best work.

It includes word of mouth, referrals from previous models, people responding to ads, and just coming across the studio online. Models can come from anywhere!

Models get paid immediately after each photoshoot via Venmo, PayPal, or other app. The rate of pay will be expressed when you are offered the booking.

  • I’m Aaron Knight, a full-time artist since 2015.
  • I have a B.A. degree in Art from Fort Lewis College, Durango Colorado.
  • Doing photography ever since college, I have photographed hundreds of models.
  • Raised in a family of artists, I visited museums in dozens of countries, and was influenced by art from various cultures.

It’s normal to be nervous about new experiences. Take as much time as you need to get to know me before booking. Most people’s nerves fade away soon after they arrive. Starting modeling fully clothed. Take a break at any time during the shoot.

  • Minimum modeling age is 18
  • More than a pretty face: reliable and outgoing person
  • Shoulder-length or longer hair
  • Body types: slim, athletic, bikini, or runway
  • No surgical enhancements
  • Reliable transportation

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As with any employment opportunity, there are always more applicants than I can hire at one time, so we must choose. I can’t provide specific feedback or evaluations of portfolios. I will reach out if I have a project that is a good fit for your look!

Some models do only one shoot. Others have done 50+ shoots with me. I can’t tell you how good a fit you are for extended shooting until we’ve seen the results of a few shoots.

Models receive competitive pay, about 3x what colleges pay models for art classes. Contact me for up-to-date pay information. You will receive pay info soon after your inquiry or application. All models are paid full rate the day of the shoot; no TFP or delays.

  • Typical modeling shoots are 4-6 hours
  • Various factors can influence the duration (setup, cleanup, location, etc.)
  • Short breaks are paid, long breaks (e.g. lunch) are not paid.

First, just apply. Then, send two selfies that clearly show what you look like. You may receive a follow up via text, phone, or both. An in-person interview is next (this may be virtual.) After that you may be invited to do a shoot.

In short, no, but it is helpful. About half of the women who modeled for me had never professionally modeled before and don’t consider themselves to be models. They are gymnasts, soccer players, or might even describe themselves as a tomboy.

Yes! Bring your friend to the interview so I can meet them ahead of time. I can also arrange for a female assistant or other model(s) present when you arrive for your shoot. You’re the best judge of your comfort, so let me know your preference!

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