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How do I know I’m ready to become a model?

You’re ready to become an art model when you start putting time into it. If you find yourself thinking about it during the day, it’s a sign that you are ready. If you’re thinking about what you eat and drink and how it will affect your ability to be a model, that is a good sign, too. When you are exercising in order to keep your body in shape for modeling, you’re investing time into the process.

How soon do art models pose nude?

Models start of wearing clothing and we go at your pace. Even models who say they’re fully ready to pose nude will be asked to bring some outfits to warm up with. Doing a photo shoot is easier than most people think, and this method helps you maintain your confidence. By starting your modeling sessions with clothed poses, you control how, when, and how much clothing you remove. We will work with you one step at a time, and of course you can take a break or stop at any point.

Is it normal for new mto be nervous?

Absolutely! A day or two before doing a shoot is usually a nervous time for a new model. You’ve only met the photographer once and many thoughts can go through your mind. Even the most beautiful women can worry about their appearance and abilities. However, models have said that once they got to the shoot location, they soon felt comfortable. It’s easier to become an art model than most people think.

If you wish, you can also schedule a second interview instead of jumping straight into modeling. We want to make sure we’re going at your pace.

What’s hardest about modeling?

Experienced models have said the hardest thing about modeling is not the nudity. That part becomes as easy as taking a shower once you’ve tried it. The hardest things are being ready for a shoot. Being ready isn’t just showing up on time, but also being free from sunburns, avoiding tan lines, and staying well rested.

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