When you apply to model for Aaron Knight Studios for an art photography project, you need to fill in a modeling application. Here are some tips for getting accepted and saving time in the application and interview process:

1. Be familiar with the photography of Aaron Knight

Take a look at the portfolio of modeling at Aaron Knight Studios.

3. Make sure you meet the requirements

You must be 18 to apply for art modeling with Aaron Knight Studios. Also, check out the body types we’re looking for. Unless we have an active casting call outside the United States, you must be located in the US. Although we travel frequently, it’s best to check our current casting locations before applying.

4. Fill in the application accurately

In addition to accurate height, age, and other information, include the best time to contact you. If you have work or classes on certain days, if you say “anytime” you might miss out when we try to get in touch.

5. Have photos ready to send

You don’t need professional photos, just clear ones. A photo of your face and one of you standing will give us an idea of what you look like. They need to be recent photos (from the last 6 months). A recent shot in a mirror is better than an old favorite that doesn’t show your current look.

4. Correspond professionally

Be prepared to receive some follow up questions on your application. When you’re contacted, do your best to reply by the following business day.

5. Be on time to your interview

We will often conduct a phone call or video chat, plus an in-person interview before we decide to schedule a photo shoot.