Staying Safe at a Modeling Photo Shoot

General Modeling Safety Tips

Injuries or other concerns during a modeling shoot is not a fun topic. Rest assured that modeling can be very safe by using judgement and being aware.

  • Don’t attempt any new acrobatics or gymnastics, stick to maneuvers that you already know you can do safely.
  • There is no need to rush, we can try each pose repeatedly until we nail it.
  • Know your limits, for example if you’re not a strong swimmer.
  • Risky behavior is not required for dramatic scenes, for example the model doesn’t need to be close to the edge of a cliff, we can position the camera to safely create this illusion.
  • If you have any allergies or have emergency medication such as an inhaler or epipen, let the photographer know this when you arrive. You should not have to be more than a few seconds away from your rescue medication.
  • If you’d like to bring a companion to the photo shoot with you, let the photographer know in advance; we will arrange to meet your companion (better yet, bring them to the interview so we can meet them) and we can make space for them to assist you before or during the shoot.

Modeling on Location

Doing a model shoot on location can increase risk for injury. This can be because the participants have less time to prepare and inspect the area for safety hazards. The most common risk of injury is sharp objects where you might stand, sit, or lean.

  • Examine the area with your shoes on before posing
  • Have flip-flops nearby to protect your feet as soon as shooting breaks
  • Stay hydrated, especially if the weather is hot
  • The owner or supervisor of the location may do a safety walk-through to alert you to how to best remain safe while modeling on location

Modeling in Swimming Pools

  • The most common injury working in a pool is unexpectedly hitting the bottom or side
  • As with any new environment, explore slowly at first. Some pool surfaces, like the bottom, might be rough and cause scrapes

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